Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Layout #1

Yesterday I got to go scrapping so I have finally done a few more layouts. The groundwork for this layout was actually already done last year at a layouts class at

For the last year I have been snapping away photos of Scott & the boys hoping that some day I would get "the photo" for this layout. On the 19 March I got it. Brent & Scott had just come back from a ride through Bottle Lake Forest in preparation for the Bikejam & Scott was very excited about the thoughts of us all riding through there as a family. He went out that day & bought James a new smaller bike with no training wheels to try & get James to ride on two wheels not 4.

James is still not on 2 wheels but he just loves it when Scott & him practise up & down the driveway. Posted by Picasa

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