Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Monday 17th April 2006 & the week ahead

Scott was still feeling sick so I had to drive home. The boys helped clean the upstairs while I washed the linen & towels & cleaned the downstairs bedroom. Scott packed the car & then we were off home. We left at 11:15 but we were in heavy traffic all the way until the Inland Scenic Route & Thompson’s Track. We didn’t do too badly really given the traffic & arrived home at 4:15.

Today Scott is still feeling sick but says at least his legs don’t hurt. He & the boys picked up Mo this morning & then got a few groceries for the week while I did the cleaning & laundry.

Tomorrow Scott is supposed to be going to work but I suppose that depends on how well he feels. The boys are still on holiday so I am thinking up some fun things to do to keep them occupied. Luckily at the moment they seem to be quite happy biking down to the corner & picking up acorns. I might take them both to Hagley Park & go for a walk through there with them & see what we can see. The weather is supposed to stay good for the rest of the week so I have been wondering about taking a ferry across to Quail Island & going for a walk to see the wrecks. I’ll just play that one by ear.

I also need to go into town & pick up a couple of pairs of school shorts for Brent that Ballantynes have in stock finally. Of course they do, it’s the summer uniform shorts & the boys are going into winter uniform at the end of the holidays. Typical really. Never mind I’ve got James following along close behind who’ll need shorts too, so even if Brent doesn’t ever wear them James will.

Hopefully I’ll catch everyone up on what we did this week, next week sometime. Have great holidays everyone.


Lara said...

hope he's feeling better!

Jenny said...

I LOVE your new banner!