Sunday, March 01, 2009

Triathlon - Monday 23 February

Really my photo of the day should have been of me in my car. My day was almost spent in it.
It started with a 7:25am trip to school to drop James off at tennis lessons, & then I drove back home.
Went back to school at about 8am to drop Brent & his bike off for his triathlon, went to the gym & then back home.
Went back to school again at 10am to watch Brent compete in the triathlon.
He was one of only 5 year 5 boys that competed it as an individual. Nearly everyone else in year 5 was in a tag team (only doing either a swim, a bike or a run). Brent came out of the swim quite near the top of the field. He then had to put on his pe shirt (first trick learnt for next year is to let him wear a rash top & then he doesn't need to put on his pe shirt). Then he slipped his feet into his shoes (scuff style) & jumped on his bike. He finished his bike leg a bit lower down the pack (2nd lesson learnt, get a bigger bike for him). Then came the run. The transition for this didn't go well, he forgot to take his helmet off & then he had problems lifting his bike on the rack (3rd lesson learnt, just stand the bike up on it's stand under the rack). He ran past me with his shoes on as scuffs I suggested he stop & do them up properly which he did but he really lost time doing it (4th lesson learnt buy those shoes that have laces that you just pull & they somehow just tighten). He finished strongly & looked like he had more gas in his tank if required. He came in 24th which I thought was fantastic!
Went back home again & had lunch. Then went back to school at 3pm to pick up James, back home again.
Then went back to school again to pick up Brent at 4:30 because he had had fencing from 3:30 to 4:30, back home again.
Needless to say not a stitch of housework got done & we needed to fill the car up with petrol this weekend.

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