Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vintage Car

I want to document this little conversation with Brent.

On Sunday 22 Feb I had just finished taking the photo of the day when Brent rushes in & says, "Mum, there's a really cool vintage car in our street. It's stopped just outside number 7." So I grab my camera & go outside expecting to see a wee Austin 7 or something. Imagine my surprise when I saw this....

I burst into fits of laughter. He asked me if I thought it was cool. I said it was but it was hardly what I call a vintage car. My dad used to have a jag a bit like this one, I remember it, so in Brent's eyes I must be "vintage". I sure hope I have mellowed & that my vintage is a good one.

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Jenny said...

And it probably is classed as a vintage car by now!