Monday, March 30, 2009

Night time Chore

Each night I pack the boys lunch box for the next day. This is just a photo of their typical lunch box items.
Brent's is the grey lunch box. He always has ham sandwiches in Freyas Soya & Linseed bread & a salmi stick. The fruit varies a bit & sometimes he will have a biscuit but not very often.
James has the red box. His sandwiches have to be on white bread & has to have something other than ham. Not that it really matters because half the time he doesn't eat his sandwiches anyway. He always has a piece of fruit but his protein changes a lot. At the moment he is on a yoghurt kick, for a while he was on a cheese segment binge instead. He really doesn't like the salami stick though. He always has a biscuit & my bet is that it is the first thing that gets eaten. Like Brent he always has a peice of fruit too.

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