Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 15 March - Another appliance failure!

I don't know, our luck hasn't really been very good recently. What with the fire, blocked drains & then the next thing that happened was my washing machine went kaput. It went kaput on Saturday afternoon so once Phyllis & Robin had left on Sunday we had to go out washing machine shopping.

I had wanted a front loader like I had previously because it judged how much water it needed itself & also because there is no rotor like thing in the middle for clothes to get caught around. We went into Noel Leemings & saw a top loader that acted like a front loader from Fisher & Paykell. It takes duvets in it & has a 8kg weight limit, which is plenty big enough for us. So we went & picked it up from their warehouse & had it installed & going by mid afternoon. Here's the new washing machine.

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