Friday, March 06, 2009

Dinner at Mum's - Friday 27th February

An important & enjoyable part of my week is having dinner at mum's. It is always on a Friday night & usually mum does the cooking. It is the one time in the week when I actually get to see my mother in person. We have dinner on our laps, the boys have a table set up, in front of the tv. We usually stay until 8:30, that's when America's Next Top Model finishes, & then we go home.

Mum hates having her photo taken at the best of times but I think she is relenting a bit now, but I bet she won't be pleased to see this post. Then again mum, if you see this, go back a post & see my ugly mug shot & have a laugh & call us even OK.


Jenny said...

Such a nice tradition, Kat

Carla said...

She's beautiful! and what is she making, looks good!!

Raewyn aka whinney said...

so precious to have these thoughts recorded and to have this lovely photo of your Mum too Kat. xo