Friday, March 27, 2009

Swimming Sports - Wednesday 11 March

We had the school swimming sports on 11 March.

I was very proud to see that Brent was swimming in the championship backstroke race. He had told me that he wasn't able to swim in championship races because he couldn't do butterfly so I was absolutely blown away to find his name under the championship backstroke. He swam a great race & came in 6th. He was in the first heat for freestyle & swam a good race as well.

James was in the backstroke width & with that being his favourite stroke I was not at all surprised that he came first in that race. He was also in the freestyle width & I think the greatest surprise of all was that he swam the whole width without putting his feet down. At his swimming lessons he always puts his feet down so I was absolutely astounded to see him not only swim the whole width but also actaully place in the race.

It's a bit hard to find just one photo of the day when it was about both boys so there will have to be two.

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Jenny said...

Your boys are doing just fine!