Monday, February 26, 2007

The Week that's been

Monday night we had the year 3 BBQ. We found out that Brent's teacher Miss Flynn came from Invercargill (Southland Girls High) & then after her training she went over to London & worked in a school where she had to work on discipline before she could even begin to teach. I still managed to get Brent into a sticky situation with her last week.

On wednesday Brent brought home a notice asking us to fill in if we want him to play soccer, hockey or rugby through the school. So as we had already registered at Burnside for soccer we didn't fill in the form. Brent came home on Thursday & said that he has to return the form whether he is playing for the school or not. Honestly if the school can't get their database up to date why would they want a peice of paper that is not totally filled in to confuse things? I reread the notice & nowhere does it say to fill in & send back to the school regardless of if your son is doing sport through the school or not. Poor Brent had even told Miss Flynn that he is registered with Burnside & won't be playing for the school, but she reckons the notice had to handed in. I feel so bad for Brent, he doesn't seem to get on well with the teacher & then I do something like not hand in a form & really it doesn't make Brent look too good. I just can't win with this teacher & I am growing to dislike her rigidity more & more.

We also heard that she has been made a full time member of the staff. All of the year 4 parents cheered but I just groaned. The story is, that this teacher was standing in while the other teacher was on maternity leave. It would appear that the other teacher isn't coming back so Miss Flynn now has a full time position at the school.

I have been doing an online photography course through For the homework last week I had to take some up close photos & also some using fill flash. This is James having fun on the seesaw on a hot day last Tuesday.

We also had to take a photo using leading lines so this is Brent on the swing.

No effort cards arrived on Friday becase apparently the school had problems with the printer. They have had all sorts of holdups on stationary & also the database not updating information. There seems to be a bit of a gremlin in the Medbury sytem or admin at the moment. The year 1 parents never got a notice until the afternoon of the BBQ to tell them what to bring. Of all the years you would think that would really need one it would have to be year 1. Only 2 of the families from year 1 had ever been to a BBQ put on by the school. At least by year 3 most families have been to at least 1 & if they haven't they can ask the other parents. I sometimes find the whole communication from the school really inadequate & then with that problem with Brent's sports notice it is just getting to be really annoying. I am hoping that this week will be realtively quiet on the school front. I hope to have a good natter to the other year 3 mum's on Wednesday & find out if I am the only one who has a problem with Miss Flynn.

The boys both had friends over to play yesterday. Brent had Josh over (really to give Nigel & Kim some time so Nigel can recuperate). James had Jack over to play & once Jack got over his shyness & the other 3 boys calmed down things went really well. Both boys branched off & played with their friend. It was so much easier than only having one friend around & making things more of a 2 against 1 deal.

I did manage to complete a layout this weekend. Next weekend I should get a whole lot more finished as I am going to a crop!

Not much else has been happening around here.

P & R your bed is waiting for you & the boys can't wait to see you. I hope you have a good trip up.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Karen said...

Love how you've got so many photos on to your layout Katrina. And that curvy arrow is really cute.