Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Blog Prompt: The first thing I made that I considered art was . .

I have thought about this all day & still can't come up with an answer. I guess it really depends on what you call art.

For a long time I thought art was the drawing/painting medium. I can tell you that the best art I did in that respect was at Selwyn House primary school when we had nature diary. Each weekend we had to find a piece of nature, plants, birds, animals etc & then write about it. That was the easy part the next part was the hardest, we then had to use watercolour paints & paint it. I hated that part because I can not draw for peanuts.

I got given a cross stitch scene that was a stitch by colour, which I completed & enjoyed. That led me to doing counted cross stitch & some of those are quite good. I always follow a pattern though. Is that art?

I really think the answer is determined on what you define art as. My definition of art is very narrow & by my definition I haven't created anything worthy enough to be called art.

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