Monday, February 12, 2007

Manic Mondays

It’s just another manic Monday…” Write about why you like (or don’t like) Mondays.

I don't have a feeling either one way or the other for Monday. Yes it is the first day of the working week, but the boys also go back to school. But then they are usually grumpy about having to go to school & seem to really drag their feet. I am a SAHM so going back to work is not a problem because of course I am always at work.
I personally love Fridays. I consider Friday to be "my day." Hopefully by Friday I have finished all the housework other than the laundry & I can run errands, treat myself if I have the spare cash, or just try to get some time to scrap. I don't have to cook dinner because we usually go up to mum's. It is the only day I see mum normally so that makes it nice a nice end to the day too.

At the moment it is Tuesdays that I don't like exercise wise. It is the day that I go for a jog. Running is not my favourite sport & add to that a dodgy knee it really is a huge deal to go out & do that run. I am pleased to say that I did go for my run today.

Thursdays seem to be a horrible day for the boys. It's not that they might think it a horrible day but by Thursday they have got all tired & grumpy & are little horrors for me. Thursday also is the day that Scott goes to Wellington usually so that is just an extra added stress. The boys always seem to act up when Scott is in Wellington so Thursdays are just horrible on those times.

Most days are so so, with each following after the other, seemingly faster & faster each year.

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