Tuesday, February 27, 2007


What's your favorite way to travel? Car, plane, train, boat? What do you do while you're traveling? (Assuming you're not the driver!)

That's all a matter of where I am trying to get to. Anywhere in the North Island & I prefer to fly, it gets you there quicker, unless of course the whole point of the trip is the car & ferry ride across the strait.

Within the South Island I am happy to go in the car. It is definitely better to have a DVD player in the car for the boys to watch. If it is a family trip, which nearly all of them are, then Scott will do the driving & I'll just look at the scenery & watch the road.

There is a train trip that I would like to take across to the West Coast of the South Island just to take in the scenery. The train goes a slightly different way to the road so you see different stuff.

It really does all depend on where I'm going & what I'm going for as to what mode of transport to take.

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Karen said...

Thre train trip sounds cool. Hope you get to take it soon.