Sunday, February 18, 2007

School Calendar

First off I should really show you the calendar for the school term. That doesn't look very easy to read so in summary:
We are up to week 4 already of a 10 week term.
We have a BBQ to meet up with Brent's teacher tomorrow.
Effort cards are coming home at the end of this week. Not really expecting good results on James one at all.
The boys have swimming lessons with the school on Friday this week (they have already had 2 other lessons on the previous Fridays)
There is a swimming week in week 5
The school swimming sports are at 11am - 12 noon at Jellie Park on Friday 9 March
There are parent/teacher interviews the following Monday or Tuesday (it will have to Tuesday in our case)
Tuesday 20 March James has a field trip to Ferrymead & then another field trip on Thursday 22 March to Yaldhurst Transport Museum.
Sunday 25 March both boys have the Junior school church service.
Boys finish the term on Thursday 5 April at 3pm.

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