Friday, January 19, 2007


Do I think I can sing?

Well I used to sing better when I was at St Margaret's than today. At St Maragret's I was in the school choir, alternating between 2nd soprano & alto. We had practice every Wednesday lunch time & would sing in front of the school & school dignitaries. I think the practising kept my voice & ear in.

Now I can't seem to sing as well. I do love singing but really only in the car or in the shower or when I have the house to myself to some loud music. In places where I feel comfortable. I do sing in front of the boys & I think that showing them that I sing opens them up to singing too. They like to join me when I am singing & sometimes they just like singing themselves. James has a couple of favourite songs he likes to sing, just the easy chorusy bits, Roxanne & American Pie. I hope by singing in front of them & singing the skiddy marinkey song each night, will let them feel that music can be a part of their life.

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