Friday, January 26, 2007

Childhood Activity

Blog prompt: Between the ages of 5 & 10 what was your favourite activity?
I really can't remember too much about what I spent my time doing at that age. Our family would go over to our bach at Church Bay a lot in the weekends. So I suppose while I was there I would just walk on the beach & see what there was swept in by the tide.

I have liked reading so maybe I spent a fair bit of time reading but then I'm not sure if we had all that many books to do so. I don't remember mum taking us to the library but the school had a library so maybe it was those books I read.

The mind grows dim on what I was like at 5 or even 10. Maybe that is why I scrapbook so that at least my boys will have a book to look at later on & say "oh yes I remember when mum & I went for bike rides around Hagley Park."


loonyhiker said...

I have always loved books too. They're a great escape.

carinc said...

Yes, I know there are many memories I am forgetting so I want to scrap for my ds for the same reasons.