Thursday, January 25, 2007

The complexities of toilet paper

Blog prompt: Which camp are you in? Should the toilet paper be hung so the paper dangles over the top or under the roll?

I was going to say that really it didn't worry me but a quick check of both toilets would show that I seem to have them both with the paper coming from under the roll. I know that when the boys were little I had it that way because I found it easier to hide the end so therefore the kids weren't going to pull screeds of it & play with it. I suppose the habit must have stuck.

I do seem to have a real problem actually getting a roll started. I haven't worked out if it is a brand particular thing or not, but it can take me ages to conquer the glue that seems to stick the end down. I think I have it only to find I have gouged a hole several layers thick down into the rest of the roll. Not always pleasant later on. LOL If I haven't gouged a hole the other thing that seems to happen is that I end up with the first roll around being several layers thicker than the next & then the serrations are out of whack.

Another thing that annoys me about toilet paper (& it's not the toilet paper's fault) is that I am always the person to put the empty rolls in the rubbish. I can't understand why that has to be. I don't ever use one of the toilets so surely I was not the last person to use the end of the roll in that toilet. I can understand that the boys can't put a fresh roll on but why if you can rip it off the holder can you not then put it in the rubbish bin is absolutely beyond me. If the males in the house had their way, there would be a little row of empty toilet rolls lined up along the window sill. Maybe I should take them, pretty them up & put them back & see what the boys think!


carin.c said...

LOL - Men... What is it with them and toilet paper? They can chop down a tree but they can't replace the roll it's been turned into!

Karen said...

You'd think that having produced so many technological marvels we would have mastered the ability to make toilet rolls that are easy to operate, wouldn't you.

And I wouldn't bother prettying up the toilet roll soldiers. If you have a house of boys, you know they won't even notice.

Jenny said...

Altered toilet rolls!! Maybe you'll start a new fashion