Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh what to wear, what to wear?

I keep getting asked everday by the boys, "what do I wear today" so I answer, if you think it is summer wear shorts & t-shirt, if you think it is cold outside wear long sleeves & trousers. The boys are quite happy to wear long sleeves & trousers, me I get into my shorts & t-shirt. It has to be summer one day soon, right? I woke up this morning the sun was shining. I just want it to go down on record that today the sun did shine, then again it might only shine for a couple of hours & disappear for the rest of the day.

Blog Prompt: You're packing for a weekend away from your family. You're going to be seeing a bunch of online friends for the first time at, oh I don't know, maybe a CHA tradeshow in California.What do you pack? What do you wear???

What to pack to California? Good question a 12 hour flight requires some careful thought, can't pack too much otherwise I get charged excess luggage, can't pack too light as there is no easy way home to pick up stuff. Although that might be a good reason to step into a Walmart. I hear some even sell scrapping supplies, I'd have to find one first. I suupose I would throw in some shorts & t-shirt (they have warm weather there don't they?), underwear, long skirt,short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, sandles & of course the camera, battery charger, spare battery & memory cards.

What to wear? On the plane I would be wearing my jeans & a t-shirt & a warmish jersey (in case it is actually cold in California). When I meet my friends I haven't met before I would probably being wearing nothingz (got to have comfortable footwear at a tradeshow), jeans & a blue coloured shirt. Has to be blue because that's my favourite colour.

Oh to be able to meet up with my American online friends, of course most of them are from the East Coast so I really think that I should be aiming to go somewhere on the East Coast sometime in the future.


loonyhiker said...

Blue is one of my favorite colors too! I like to be comfortable on long plane rides.

Karen said...

Hopefully you'll get to use that packing list one day in the near future. Whether to the east or the west coast.