Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have been doing a bit of scrapbooking this past week. I have managed to complete 3 layouts, 2 paper & 1 digital.

This was the first one I completed in the week. I can't believe I have already scrapped some of my photos from christmas last year. To think I have nearly every other year sitting to be done but I have done last year.

Here's the digital layout. It was made using the Fanciful kit from Lauren bavin at The cute little bird is a stamp by Rhonna Farrer. The layout design is by kanga at

This is my latest layout. Back to a paper layout, all paper & stamps from I am really pleased with how I seem to be cranking the layouts out but I imagine that once the boys go back to school it might come to a grinding halt.

I have got another digital layout in the work in process folder as well as another paper layout, so with any luck this might get completed this weekend.

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Jenny said...

I love the Tui l/o Katrina!!