Thursday, January 18, 2007

Childhood Friends

I had few childhood friends, I think because nearly every weekend was spent out of the city at Church Bay so there was no time for the friends to come over & play. I was also very shy, more shy than I am today, & that doesn't help anyone make friends very easily.

My most memorable friend was Jacinda Perry. We went to Selwyn House school together we really became friends around form 1. At that time my parents weren't going to Church Bay so often so on weekends I would bike over to Jacinda's house & we would then bike around the Teacher's Training College. Mum let me go but I have since found out that she didn't approve of me doing that, I don't know why because we never got into trouble. We were never out to cause trouble either. We would just bike to the Training College play some tennis, sit in the shade & talk, have some lunch, play more tennis & then I'd bike home. That friendship came to an end when I went to St Maragrets & she went to a different school.

I had a band of friends at St Margaret's, starting off with Nicky Friend & Adele. They & I were outsiders, we weren't the "in" people so we stuck together. Both girls left around the end of the 4th form & that was the last I have seen of them. I then became friends with Christine Moat, Tanya Smedley, Janette Shipley & Janet Hunt. Until the 5th form most of these girls had been in a totally different class to me. We had been streamed in 3rd & 4th form & I was in the top stream. These girls were in the 2nd stream & once we got to the 5th form we were no longer streamed & actaully seeing more of each other as they were in the same classes as me. Christine & Tanya were very bright & we all helped each other with calculus, algebra & English. Chrsitine was very good at math & the sciences, Tanya was good at English. We were good friends until we left school. Since then I have only heard from Janet Hunt.

I really don't think friends have been a very important part of my life & now after seeing what a "friend" has done to my mother I am still wondering whether they should be an important part. However after saying that I do have a few cyber friends, so I wonder is that how I have friends but keep them at an arms length so that no trouble arises?

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