Thursday, January 25, 2007

Family Doings

I had mum looking after the boys for most of last week so this week is back to the constant arguing, bickering & winding each other up scenario. I can't get over how noisey the boys are & I have to say I really am looking forward to them going back to school next Wednesday. It feels like it has been a very long 6 weeks.

This week both boys have had swimming lessons in the morning & I am pleased to say that James passed his assessment today & now moves up to a higher level. For those who understand the CCC system, James has moved from a Flounder to a Stingray. It has caused a bit of a problem though, in that I had booked him in for swimming lessons this coming term as a flounder. Unfortunately the only available time for James to swim in the stingray class is a Thursday at 3:30pm. This means that we have had the last of the Saturday morning swimming lessons & Scott will no longer be able to watch James swim. Brent seems to have had his swimming slip back over the holidays & will still remain a shark, swimming on a Monday at 4pm.

As alluded to above both boys have been having a few behaviour issues so today was the first day this week that we have managed to get back out of the house after the swimming lessons. The Buskers festival is on in town so I took the boys to have lunch with Scott & to watch some of the Buskers. We all enjoyed "Popeyed", a couple of very strong & flexible men who showed us how strong they were.

The weather here has been horrible & apart from 31 C on Monday the rest of the week has been overcast & cold. It has meant that trying to see the comet McNaught has been very difficult. Luckily Monday night was clear so Scott went off to Burnside Park & snapped a few photos of the comet.

What is coming up for the week?

Not too much until Wednesday when the boys are heading back to school. Hopefully on Thursday we might get a calendar of what the school has on for the term so that we all know where we are going & what we are doing.

Friday night we are heading away to Hamner for the weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The boys are coming with us & we have hired a 3 bedroom holiday home until Tuesday. We are going to take our togs, bikes & GPS & hopefully we can all have a nice relaxing time enjoying the hot pools & the forest.

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