Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wednesday 7 January

One word would describe today HOT! It was around 20 degrees when we woke up by midafternoon my iGoogle was telling me it was 32 degrees outside. Even now (9:43 at night) it is 26 degrees. Who needs tropical heat when you can have this dry heat!

We tried various ways to cool off but the boys are tired & grumpy & it didn't matter what I tried there was always something not right with it.

I asked if they wanted to run through the sprinkler, NO!

I asked if they wanted to sit in the paddling pool, NO!

I asked if they would like to sit in the paddling pool with the sprinkler sprinkling them from above. That was an option that lasted all of 5 minutes when they realised that the first water from the hose was actually just water that had been sitting in the sun heating. Then when the really cold water arrived, guess what? It was too cold so that was the end of that.

Next thing, do you want to have a cold bath? Well that sounds like fun, but you have to run some hot water in it mum so it's not too cold. All went well for about 7 minutes & then James was in tears because something Brent did. I don't know what Brent did because neither ever told me. So that was the end of the bath.

Luckily by then it was 4 o'clock & time to call Scott at work & see if he wanted to be picked up. Even more luckily he did, so for at least half an hour we got to sit in a nice cool air conditioned car & cool down. That calmed the boys down a lot, so much so that James was starting to yawn.

We got home & there was still complaints about the heat. Luckliy the neighbour asked if the boys would like a swim in his pool. Scott & the boys went over there while I stayed at home in the kitchen cooking dinner.

It was so warm that we had dinner outside & what is more it was no longer windy, which just meant that the heat felt worse.

We finally called the boys in for bed at 8pm & let them go (separately of course after whatever the incident was earlier today) & have a cold bath. They then went to bed but I can't say they are asleep, Brent is still moaning about the heat, Shessh!


Dear Lord, please let Brent be in charge of the weather tomorrow. If they are going to fight about it I suggest you make James be in charge of the weather on Friday. Thanks so much, one hot & severely flustered mother.

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Jenny said...

Lol at your prayer Katrina! Hang in there, as it does get easier. The wind here has been so dreadful I can't even open the windows