Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday 9 January

Yippee, today was a cool day of only 28C, & it did feel cool. In fact it was quite bearable really & I would think that on any other day 28C would actaully feel quite hot but not today.

Scott came home early to install my new modem so that I could get back into internet land. I am absolutely lost without my email & internet access, it's amazing what a huge role it plays in my life. Maybe a modem will be a photo for another day.

Today after getting my computer all hooked up James & Scott put up the new tent. James is interesting when it comes to this. He loves the idea of putting up the tent, he loves the thought of sleeping in it, but if Brent won't be there with him, he won't sleep in the tent.

So anyway James was highly excited about sleeping in the tent & was adamant that the tent had to go up today so he could sleep in it tonight. He got his sleeping bag out there, his pillow, his blanket & pooh & was ready for sleeping in the tent.

We went to dinner at mum's place & got home at about 9pm. The boys went out to the tent for bed. I went & said good night to them & reminded James to be quiet otherwise Brent would come inside. So when I left the had snuggled quietly down. Not half an hour later Brent came inside to say that James was talking so he couldn't get to sleep so he was sleeping inside thanks. Then BINGO in came James, he's too scared to sleep out there without Brent.
It's times like this that I am reminded just how little James really is.

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Jenny said...

LOl Kat! Our boys had a tent which they set up on the deck right outside the back door. It didn't take long before they were inside too. This was at least eight years ago, so they were quite young then too.