Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday 15 January

Brent said he wanted to go to Church Bay so I didn't say no to that. I took the boys to their swimming lesson & then when we got home Brent asked if he could have a friend over. So instead of going to Church Bay Brent & James both had a friend over to play.

Unfortunately James' friend had to leave early for his swimming lesson so James had to find something else to do. He went & rummaged in the toy room & found some acrylic paints. He asked if he could do some painting & if so what could he paint on. Ahh ha Stampin' Up! to the rescue. All my orders that I receive come in a box packed with tons of brown paper wadded in it. The paper has teart off sections & when folded nicely could make quite a cool book for the boys to draw on. So James got some of the SU paper & started his painting.

This is as far as he got last night, he has to wait for the paint to dry before he can finish it off.

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