Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wednesday 21 January

Wow this was a hard day to choose just one photo.
The boys & I went on a trip to Quail Island. We drove over to Lyttleton & parked our car on the main road & then walked to the Black Cat ferry & caught the ferry over to Quail Island. On board the ferry the boys were given a "treasure map" of the island. We had to find clues at places marked X on the map & then hand it back to the Black Cat office to be in the draw to win a trip for 4 to Stewart Island. You never know Robin & Phyllis we might be asking if you want to take a trip to Stewart Island with us!
It was a moderately hot day with what started off as a slight nor' easterly breeze blowing down the harbour. We landed on the island at 10:40 & walked to the swimming beach where we claimed a picnic table. Brent wanted to find the clues so I decided it was a good idea to find the clues (especially the ones that were a long walk away) then come back to have lunch & a swim at high tide. We found 3 of the clues & got to see the shipwrecks before James wanted to head back again. We had lunch & then the boys played on the beach. James played on a rope swing while Brent made a castle with a moat in the sand.

We packed up at 3pm to catch the 3:20pm ferry back again. Unfortunately the ferry was running late & the wind had really picked up so the boys were just itching to get back home. The ride across wasn't too bad & we dropped our answer in to the booking office. In return the boys each received an activity book about dolphins.
It was a wonderful day & both boys want to go back. I think we should too, because all that exercise & sea air really tuckered them out & they slept in the next morning!

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