Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday is ...

Washing day.
No, I have already taken a photo of the washing machine but I did get a lot of washing done. I now have a huge ironing pile to show for it. No I didn't take a photo of that either.

Here's a clue...

Tuesday is rubbish day!

I cleaned out the fridge. Every Wednesday we get a box of organic fruit & veges & there are weeks where we don't eat all the veges (the fruit gets eaten really quickly). So I thought yesterday would be a good day to clean out the fridge.

There was a pumpkin gone slimy.. eww! There were two half cabbages so I chose the best one & kept it. There were two bunches of wizened up little carrots. Then sitting right in the bottom of the vege drawer was the brocolli that had gone yellow & fluffy!

Then at the back of the fridge was the beetroot that had gone a strange brown colour. I think it must have oxidised because it was no longer sitting in it's brine/vinegar solution.

So after all that hard work I thought, let's take a photo of the cleaner fridge. Next time I do that project I might take a photo of the science experiments that grow in there instead.

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Jenny said...

My hubby says I grow science experiments too!