Friday, January 16, 2009

Wednesday 14 January

Yes that is a brochure for the USA. For a few years now Scott & I have been mulling over the idea of taking the boys to Disneyland & we had set 2009 as the year it was going to happen. It means that both boys should now be tall enough to ride the rides & Brent will still be charged for as a child on the airfares. We could leave it until next year if we have to but once Brent turns 11 we will be up for another adult airfare.
So on Wednesday after taking the boys to swimming lessons, after my beautician apointment I spent nearly the rest of the afternoon going through the internet & looking at what we can do in & around California. Scott brought home the brochure which has a list of hotels & sights to see as well.
If this trip goes ahead this year it will be in September during the 3 week holiday that the boys get. We will use all those 3 weeks to get there, stay in Annaheim, San Diego, maybe Las Vegas & San Francisco. It will be close to $20K to do it so we are still mulling it over.

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Jenny said...

Oh what a great idea! Stay at the Annabella - it is across the road from Disneyland and should you want to go anywhere else (book here) the bus will pick you up at the gate