Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday 10 January

First up a follow up to Friday.
On Friday night once the boys had come in to sleep inside I said to Scott that I felt that it would be fun to sleep in the tent. So I went out to the tent & was just settling into Brent's tight sleeping bag when I hear a zzziiiippp. I said "I'm fine Scott, goodnight." Then a little head pops into the tent, it's James. "I thought I heard Brent come out here so I thought I would come out too." So Friday night James & I both slept in the tent. It was a restless night for me because Brent's sleeping bag is for children not adults so it was very narrow. I had unzipped it so I could fit in better. Sometime during the night I zipped it up & James' hand shot across to me. He was probably just making sure that he wasn't alone. I touched his arm & then put his arm back on him but let my hand rest there so he knew I hadn't left. 5 minutes later he realised that my arm was still there & he picked it up & put it back on me. So funny & very cute. The wind blew & it rained during the night so really I didn't sleep well but James' smile around his thumb (yes he still sucks his thumb) when he realised that he had woken up in the tent was just priceless & worth the lack of sleep.
Saturday was a lot cooler, in fact so cool I was back wearing jeans & a long sleeve shirt. We spent the day at home just relaxing.
I have a scallopini plant growing in my vege garden & it has just started producing the fruit. So last night I picked 4 scallopini to have with dinner. There is nothing nicer than home grown food & the good thing is that the boys invariably like to eat whatever is grown at home. I really thought James may not like the scallopini because he doesn't really like courgettes but he loves them.

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Jenny said...

Go you sleeping in the tent! And home grown veges always tste better than supermarket ones. It as cool here yesterday too