Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things that make me smile

Write a list of things that make you smile -- which I know we've done before, but the twist is that each of our lists should be unique. So make your list, then when you read the others' posts, if both of you list the same thing, strike it out on your list. I want to see how many distinctly creative things we can come up with today!

- the cute things that my son says
- a hot cup of coffee & silence in the house (Tinks beat me to it)
- the first daffodil blooming in spring
- the smell of freesias (Glynis beat me to it.)
- seeing monarch caterpillars on the boy's swan plants
- butterflies flocking to my buddleia tree


glynis said...

LOL Great list..and yes, freesias are one of my favorites too!

Tink said...

There's just something charming about the "sound" of silence. Mine just got broken by the sound of the telephone ringing, LOL. You have a wonderful list.