Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Favourite Photos of 2007

My favorite photos of the year were:

None of these photos are my favourites because they have any technical merit, nearly all of them are really portraying a personality & that's what I love about these photos.

First off there's this one of Brent. Why do I love it? Brent seems to love being the centre of attention & if there is a camera trained on him he puts on a show & hams it up. I love that he likes to do that but I also like to get non "look at me" type photos of him. This was taken from quite a distance using my zoom lens & I love how I got a photo of him just being natural. There were very few of these type that got taken last year & it seems to be even less now as he is really turning into one of those smart alecked, "look at me" kind of boys.James. How could I not love this photo. I actually took it for a photography class that I took with Vicky Gibson http://www.thesneakypirate.blogspot.com The point of the exercise was to get in close & so I did. James was swinging on the swing & I was standing right in front of him so he was swinging towards me absolutely loving the fact that he could very well hit me. This photo seems to show James as my personality plus child.

I always find it difficult to get a non posed photo of both my in laws & my mother. They always seem to want to be posed or at least know that they are having their photo taken. I really like this photo of my FIL & I am really pleased we have a photo of him in his police jacket since he's coming up to retirement this year.

Weird photo to have as a favourite of Scott. There are photos of him, usually he is in photos with the boys, & there is the odd individual one but this strange one is the one I love. Why? Because when he was younger, before kids, he had this goofy side that I loved. That side seems to have been covered up in responsibilities, life, work. It's a side that rarely comes out to play anymore & I miss it. This day we went to the mountains to play in the snow. He was showing me "running man" on ice.

This one is my all time favourite. It was my birthday & we were on a sunset cruise at Raitea'a. I love how we look so happy together. Of course this photo has already been part of one layout but it is going to appear in many more.


Sandra said...

What an awesome selection of photos. I can tell you've had photography classes (and a nice camera!).

As a sidenote, I'd like to comment on James'gorgeous smile and perfect teeth. I hope you'll tell him he has "fans". LOL.

loonyhiker said...

These were great photos! You have a super looking family!

Jenny said...

I can understand why all of those are your favourite photos

Mel said...

Love your favourite photos and especially love that they are all of people you love!

glynis said...

Love all the photos and I'm glad you told the story behind each of them. Great post!

Tink said...

Each and everyone of the photos is stunning. They really capture the essense of the person being photographed.