Thursday, January 03, 2008

New year, new scrapping goals

What new scrapping technique do you want to try this year? Or do you have a goal with your scrapping this year?

My main goal with scrapping this year will be to just have fun & keep up to date with the calendars that I give out each year as christmas presents. I am going to do both digital & paper layouts, as I have found that I have a different style with each medium.

I am participating in the LOAD challenge at Big Picture scrapbooking so I really hope to accomplish 31 layouts this month.

I would like to experiment making different sized layouts, not always the sqaure layouts. I received a heart shaped cardstock months ago in a kit so maybe there's an out of the norm shaped challenge I can take up. Obviously that shape lends itself to more romantic or loving photos, but I have a few of them that I would like to scrap.

I would like to create a few of the page projects as well. Maybe some of them can be used as presents for people too.

My main goal is to have fun & do a little bit of scrapping every day.


loonyhiker said...

I have started to give out a lot of calendars as presents. My husband sees it as a cost saver from my hobby so he doesn't mind and that is rationale to buy more kits! LOL

glynis said...

The 'little bit every day' concept is a great one. Maybe I should adopt it!

Hannah said...

I like your idea of doing a bit everyday, but I'm positive I wouldn't keep that up!! Good luck with your scrapbooking goals with year.