Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, new routines

This week's theme is "New Year, New You". What is some new activity/hobby that you want to try this year?

I have been thinking this over all day & still can't come up with an answer. I think what I really want to do is get myself into a good routine of incorporating housework, fitness & scrapping as well as time spent with family. In all honesty I don't find it easy to incorporate all of them into a day satisfactorily. I am hoping that once the pool & gym near us opens again I will have some more free time, so I won't be travelling 30 - 40 minutes one way to do the exercise I want to do.
Speaking of that pool, today was the perfect day for going to an outside pool., what a shame the pool isn't open until July. It was 30C degrees according to the weather people but I reckon it was hotter than that in the sun. Of course they are predicting rain for tomorrow but if that comes we will be pleased because we really haven't had a lot of rain.


Roo said...

What a shame the outside pool isn't open.
Hope you get to do all that you want this year.

loonyhiker said...

If we had to drive a long way to exercise it wouldn't happen. That is why we found a local park (5 min. from my house) that we walk 4 miles in every day. I wish we had a pool close by but it is SO cold here, I can't even think about getting in a pool! LOLO

glynis said...

An outdoor pool? Wish I was where you's below freezing today here. That's a great goal to have. Good luck with it!