Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LOAD 23- Rose

This is today's layout. I am doing Jessica Sprague's Now we're Rocking digital scrapbooking class & this is the end result of lesson 1. The photo is supposed to be sepia with the colour on the rose. I think I need to do some more owrk on changing photos to sepia because this doesn't look as creamy brown as I thought it would.


Wednesday 13 December 2006
It was the first day of the school holidays & you were pleased just to be at home on a Wednesday. You went out into the garden & decided to pick a rose. You brought it in to me but the stem was too short so I couldn’t put it in a vase. You picked another rose but its petals had fallen off by the time it came inside. You then picked another rose & asked “will this one do mum?”
Yes that one will do. A beautiful yellow rose on a nice long stem.

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bahama97 said...

That is so beautiful! You did a great job with isolating the color on the yellow rose. Very touching journaling too!