Monday, January 21, 2008


Here's the next layout. There is a book of me challenge happening at This is my layout about my name. Really it is more about my feelings about my name.

The journalling reads:
Here I am at 9 weeks old in a family christening gown.
I was christianed & baptised KATRINA JANE FRANCIS
My mother wanted to call me Kirsten, but my father said that Kirsten's have blonde hair & there was no way I was going to have blonde hair, so there was no way i was going to be called Kirsten.

I never really liked my name. I was the only person in any of my schools with the name & really I am not a person who likes to stand out from the crowd. I didn't like the way my name sounded either, with the very hard kuh sound. i was always asked how to spell my name, is it with a K or a C & even then people got it wrong putting an O or an E into it.

It wasn't until I went to Russia that I ended up liking my name. Katherine the Great was a huge influence there & the Katherine isn't spelt the same way as we spell it. It was spelt more like my name & the people said my name so nicely. Then I worked with a woman who was Maori & she told me my name is a Maori name & she pronounced it & it sounded beautiful. So over time I have come to love the fact that my name is a multi cultural name.

Isuppose the funniest thing is that now I have a surname that is harder to spell & it starts with a kri sound.

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