Friday, April 20, 2007

The routine & creativity

What is the most tedious or boring part of your daily routine/job? What is the most creative?

The most boring part of my day has to be the hour and half of housework everyday. It seems to always be the same. Laundry, prep dinner, load dishwasher, wash dishes that don't fit in dishwasher, laundry again, clean toilets & then take a break. Then laundry, do flylady zone mission, clean up hotspots, garden, laundry & then it's lunch time. I stop that horrible routine at lunch time & from then on it is a couple of hours to myself before picking up the boys & everything revolves around the family again.

My most creative part of my job is the time I get to create at the end of the day or for 1/2 an hour during my lunch/me time. Another creative part must be making dinner. Sure I don't present it all to restaurant standards but the whole fitting in helping boys with homework, making dinner, & making it edible, settling disputes does sometimes take a bit of creativity. About Thursday creativity in that particular area is almost gone so quite often it is takeaways for dinner on Thursdays.

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Mrs Frizz said...

Love the creativity in the kitchen, that is almost gone by Thursday's. Nothing wrong with takeaways from time to time. Especially for a Mum's sanity.

You spend far too much time doing household chores - lol!