Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Batts! - Tuesday 17 February

Yesterday the builder cam & removed all the batts from the ceiling. The entire house is now battless in the ceiling. The builder finished the process & looked like he had been digging for coal, he was so black. They placed the batts in a couple of large piles in the back yard. i got quite a surprise when I went to look out my bedroom sliding door & find this sight.
Today the builder came back with a trailer & took them all off to the rubbish dump.
We had the cleaner come by today & they have now finished cleaning the rooms until the renovations are all finished. The builder left at midday & won't be back until I don't know when. He's not back until it is time to replace the ceilings, gibstopping & painting which is after the whole roof has been replaced. I don't know when that gets started so now it is just a matter of waiting for the next phonecall telling me someone wants to be here in half an hour will you be available?
This afternoon I had the whole house to myself so I am really looking forward to tomorrow where I can do my exercise leisurely (maybe even a swim) & then come back to house that is quietly mine.

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Jenny said...

What a mess! Hopefully they come back soon to finish the work for you