Friday, February 13, 2009

Fire Photos

In my previous post when I mentioned that I saw smoke billowing out of the roof, this is where I saw it billowing from. It's probably a bit hard to see but that black stuff just below the iron capping is smoke damage.
On the other side of the house this is what the roof looks like. About 4 sheets of this corrugated iron roof are all buckled & the white one is where the majority of the heat hit it.
This photo is taken from inside my bedroom. We have a small hot water cylinder that sits just over the door lintel that services the ensuite. Everyone is in agreement that it is from that area that the fire started. There is a disagreement between various people as to whether the fire started inside the cylinder or in wires that ran near the cylindar but there is no disputing the fact that there was a fire in the ceiling of my bedroom where I had walked under about three times that morning while it was burning.
To explain the holes. The biggest hole closest to the door is the first hole the fireman made to attack the fire. He made the hole & fires the water up it only to have the water come back down on him again as his hole was right at the base of the hot water cylinder.
He then made a hole further back to get at the fire. I'm not sure why there is a third hole but I do know there were two men in the ceiling space & two on the ground so maybe another fireman made the third hole.
This photo is looking up that hole closest to the door at the hot water cylinder & the burnt out platform that it is sitting on.

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Roo said...

Oh my gosh Kat - I am so glad that you are safe. Talk about scary stuff. Lucky you called the fire dept when you did.
Hugs chickie