Friday, February 13, 2009

Fire photos from the roof - Thursday 12 February

Thursday was a day of waiting around for cleaners, & then insurance assesors & insurance electrical engineers etc. Mean while Scott went up into the roof space to take some photos of the damage up there. As you will see we really are very lucky at how minimal the damage truely is.

Scott went up the manhole & walked along to the hot water cylinder that was near the epicentre of the fire. He went the other side of it & took this photo looking back towards the man hole cover. You can see the cylinder & then all that silver tubing is ducting for our newly installed HRV system. We only got it installed just proir to christmas but I really attribute that to having smelt the smoke at all. That rectangular metal box looking like it is lying willy nilly is actaully one of the HRV units that filters all the air & recirulates all the ceiling air to the house in an attempt to keep it warm in winter. If we didn't have that HRV & all those vents into the bedrooms sending down air from the ceiling, I don't think I would have been able to smell the smoke soon enough to keep the damage to this minimal amount.
This photo is a side on view of the cylindar. You can see part of my bathroom vanity through one of the holes & the oraqnge of the bedroom wall through the other one.

This is an up close photo of the actual cylindar & the electrical part of it. The plumber & electrician both think that it is in that rectangular box that the fire happened. Both of them said it was very rare for this to happen, which might be why the electrical engineer hired by the insurance company disputes that that is where it started. He thinks it started in the wiring that ran below the cylindar.


Jenny said...

You are so lucky that you were home and smelled the smoke. Thankfully you are all okay as is most of your house

loonyhiker said...

I kind of got behind in reading all my blogs in google reader so I finally got all your posts read. I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of this but I'm so glad y'all are safe which is the most important thing. You were so smart to call the fire dept. whether it was a false alarm or not. I say it is better to be safe than sorry. I've been through a couple of house fires and they are pretty scary. Hope things settle back to normal soon.

PJ said...

Wow Katrina, all I can say is Big hugs my friend