Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday 13th February

As much as I love being in my house I find it a tad noisy. I complain about the noise the boys make but the noise I am living with at present is non stop & louder.
This is one of 4 fans that we have trying to dry the house out after the water damage of the fire. We have one of these fans at the far end of the hallway, one in Brent's room drying out his floor, one which we have now moved to James' room to try & circulate the smokey smell & send it out of the room & one in our room to dry it out.
There is also a dehumidifier going as well just to add to the noise level.

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Monique said...

Hi Katrina, have just caught up with whats happened at your place over the last few days!! Thank goodness it wasn't worse, you are very clever to have listened to your own instincts and call 111 and yes definately your angels were there guiding you, I firmly believe that.

Hope the cleanup and insurance dealings arn't too tedious...take care.