Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where do I start?

Maybe I'll start by listing what we have done since the last blog update.

We have had James' party with his friends.
We have had the school junior cross country.
We have had R & P up to stay to celebrate James' birthday the weekend before his birthday.
We have had the boys break up from school.
We have received their effort cards which both look good. They have been doing hard work through the term.
We have had James' birthday.
We have been to Australia where we stayed with my dad & saw Australia Zoo & Seaworld.
We are back home now & it is still school holidays.

Hopefully I can update each of those events one by one in the next entries.

I'm beginning to think that the daily cards were a good idea because at least I could keep track of what I was up to each day.


dipsydee3 said...

looks like you are gonna have a lot of typing ahead of you if u wanna write about all that...

bahama97 said...

You've really been busy! Wow! Looking forward to hearing all about it :)