Sunday, September 16, 2007


I've been tagged by Becky, ! So I guess that means, I have to tell you 6 interesting facts about myself, and then tag 6 new people! I can't wait to tag YOU!!!

1. I just love chocolate
2. Not any kind of chocolate though, only the dark variety.
3. I don't like pumpkin
4. But I will eat mashed butternut squash
5. However I won't eat just a hunk of butternut squash, it has to be mashed
6. I've just been on a clothes shopping spree!

So with that I will tag Glenda, Jenn, Rosemary, Dee, Jenny & Roo.


bahama97 said...

I love dark chocolate too. TFS those tidbits!

Treighsie said...

A clothes shopping spree?? I hope you got a lot of nice stuff!!

dipsydee3 said...

thanks for the tag. i am posted now. and at first tagged 4, then edited it to tag 2 more... sheesh that was hard work.

Paxil Princess said...

You don't like pumpkin?? *hehe*
Chocolate is awesome isnt it? :)