Friday, September 07, 2007

Shoe Closet

Shoes make the woman. Give us an insight into your closet. Your shoes closet that is.

I have counted my pairs of shoes & I have 14 pairs + 1 pair of gumboots for gardening.

I have
3 pairs black sandals: 1 casual pair & 2 dressy pairs. One of those dressy pairs has a higher heel than the other & hurts my feet to wear for too long.

3 pairs boots: 1 pair is for tramping, 1 pair is casual black & the other pair is high heeled pointy toed black & I found out last night that standing in them for 2 hours can just about maim my feet.

2 pairs running shoes: 1 pair is for running, weights etc, the other pair is for squash (a clear soled shoe that won't leave marks on the court). Not that I have played squash for ages LOL.

2 pairs of slippers: 1 pair is a nice warm sheepskin pair for winter. The other pair are scuffs that I was given for the cruise.

1 pair of croc flip flops that I just love

1 pair of nothingz (like crocs) that I wear everyday around the house.

1 pair of shoes for boating & walking in water.

1 pair of black pumps.

That is the full extent of the shoes that I own.

I would also like it to be noted that I have exactly the same number of shoes as my husband.


ArcaneFaery said...

the coment that your husband also have a bunch of shoes is hysterical!

loonyhiker said...

You had me laffing at your last sentence! My hubby keeps buying Rockports that are the same color and style. He probably has 15 pairs of the same tennis shoe!

heather said...

I need to know what these croc shoes are that everyone is talking about! I am behind the times shoewise :)

glynis said...

I am going to have to count out my shoes, too. I might be surprised at how many I have!

Tink said...

LOL. Pan and I have the same number of shoes too. But he has more clothes.

Jenny said...

I have many pairs of shoes - Cocs that I wear and fashionable shoes that I don't!

bahama97 said...

That's kind of neat! I have several pairs of shoes but usually you'll find me in my sandals, or in my athletic shoes.