Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Out of the Loop

Out-- Are you getting out and about lately? ...or is school/the weather/work/illness keeping you cooped up inside?
It's autumn here so I am getting out everyday. Usually it is just out into the garden to do weeding. My exercise has been to swim in an outside pool & to go jogging, both of which are outside.

of the-- Blue? Does the Winter season 'get to you'? ...or do you handle it as well as you do Summer?
I don't like winter much, especially if it is one of those dreary rainy winters. I prefer to see the sunshine. I don't think it is the cold of winter that I don't like so much as the lack of sunshine.
Interestingly a woman from Scotland came over here & suggested that New Zealanders aren't getting out in the sun enough so we are vitamin D deficient. It has caused an uproar because the Cancer Society are always telling us to stay out of the sun due to the high melanoma rates.
Personally I know I have to get into the sun I seem to have a craving to see it at least every second or third day. If I don't see the sun for 5 days I am a very miserable person.

Loop-- Hey, Autumn is coming; do you have a loop you drive or walk to check out the scenery? What do you see when you're out and about?
Yes I have a route that I always drive along to drop the boys off at school & to pick them up. I have a slightly different route for my jog. At the moment the trees are starting to drop their leaves & we are starting to get the lovely autumn colours. I hope to go to the botanic gardens soon to see what the colours are like in there. It's about time I took some more atumn photos.

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Karen said...

Sounds lovely Katrina. And sadly Autumn is on us and Winter fast approaching. And we'll have to read about our US sisters enjoying their wonderful Summer weather whilst we battle the rain and wind.