Monday, March 12, 2007

Bad inventions

What are three things you wish were never invented?

I wish cellphones hadn't been invented. Yes I have one but it certainly isn't a state of the art one, it doesn't play music & it doesn't take photos. What annoys me most is when people are texting away on their phones & bang into you on the street because they are too busy texting to watch where they are going. Not to mention the number of times I have seen people texting while driving, that has just got to be outlawed. It is bad enough that people talk on cellphones but to text & read texts while driving, not even stopped at lights has got to be dangerous.

Another thing I wish was never invented is the nuclear bomb. What a waste of energy to create a bomb that can do so much destruction. Yes I know it helped stop the war in the Pacific but really what a awful way to fight. I almost wish wars & battles could be fought in the way the were in the very old days, face to face. Maybe then people would actaully take in the horror of a war. War is pretty faceless when it is bombs getting blasted at you from afar. It is easier to kill something that is faceless, maybe wars should revert back to bows & arrows or even spears.

I also wish that high healed shoes were invented. They could only have been invented by a man surely, what woman would invent such a torturous device. Unfortunately my knee can't stand being in high heels for long now so I rarely wear them.

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Karen said...

Good list Katrina. We've all mostly focussed on the little things in life that irk us. You're the first person I've read that's taken this prompt to the bigger picture. Well done.