Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Home improvement

Home Improvement Shows:
--Home What's the one thing your dream home must have?
My dream home must have a room to scrap in. Luckily my house already has that. If we are talking about things that my house doesn't have that I would like, I think that a garage connected to the house would be it. I would love to be able to keep dry while walking to & from the garage.

--Improvement What's the one thing you would change about your current home? New bed, couch? New carpet or wallpaper? Or something major like an addition?
It would have to be new carpet throughout the house.

--Shows Do you ever watch home improvement shows?
I used to, when I watched the Living Channel on Sky but I got bored & switched to Food Network & just seem to watch those food programs now. I haven't managed to catch one of those kitchen improvement shows on that channel yet, obviously I'm not watching it at the right time of day for that.

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shannara said...

Katrina, these blog prompts are so cool. Thanks for sharing.