Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Family Happenings

Last week the boys had a junior swim week at school. Both boys spent 1/2 an hour each school day having swimming lessons. The teachers then graded them for the swimming sports. Swimming sports are this coming Friday but Brent came home very excited yesterday because he is swimming the length of the main pool at Jellie Park (25m) for both the freestyle & the backstroke. I can't believe they have him swimming a length of the pool because I don't think he can breathe properly through the freestyle. It will be interesting to watch. Jo saw him swim yesterday & said that he really struggled. Brent is proud as punch & I couldn't be more proud of him (tearfully proud, which had Brent worried for a moment until I explained I was having one of those "mummy moments" where I was not really sad at all.) James is swiiming in the training pool but he is doing the arm movements for freestyle so he has really come along too. When I think back to 2 years ago & he would not swim by himself for love nor money & now he is happy as a fish & is doing freestyle arm stokes, another proud mummy moment.

It was an interesting morning tea with the other year 3 mums on Wednesday. There were only 8 of us there, 3 of which were some of the new mums. All of them are still unpacking boxes because they have all come across from England. Why? Because they think NZ is a safer & nicer place to live. One has moved out to Sumner & i expressed surprise & asked how she found the traffic. Of course driving 25 to 30 minutes to drop children off at school is nothing compared to England, so she thought it was wonderful. I wonder if she will say the same thing in a few years once she has got used to the NZ traffic.

Tuesday night I had Scott connect a UPS to my computer. We had been having problems with the waste master blowing the kitchen fuse & also the fuse in my craft room. I decided to run the waste master after getting Scott to attach the UPS. Unfortunately the UPS did not work as it was supposed to & ended up frying my computer's power supply thingy. The smell of burning plastic was horrible. That meant that my computer was not operating from Tuesday until Friday night when Scott brought it back home all fixed. I was a bit lost without the computer for those few days however I am now back on line & happy again.

We had R & P up to stay with us for the weekend. The boys just loved it & of course were very wound up after they had left. I think we have no got them settled back down again. It always helps having them go back to school. Thanks for all the baking P, we are enjoying our afternoon teas at the moment. I cut into the pineapple this morning & it is just delicious.

The week ahead looks to be fairly busy what with a lunch with Dad tomorrow, morning tea with year 1 mum's on Thursday & then swimming sports on Friday. Next tuesday we'll be having parent/teacher interviews & I am really not looking forward to that, maybe I'll just let Scott talk to Miss Flynn.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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