Monday, July 17, 2006

Today You Day 2 - Saturday 15 July

7:30am Brent made a milk drink "Quick" for him & James

8:15am Both boys went off with Scott to get Mr Puffy for breakfast.

11:00am We came home from doing some shopping. We went to Briscoes & bought some new toothbrushes. Both boys were dead keen to use them straight away but they had to charge for 16 hours. No surprises on Brent's colour choice. James would probably have chosen red if there had been that colour to choose from.

I am not sure which of these photos to use as the 6 x4 & which to use as a 2 x 2. I am also thinking that maybe the photos should be B&W otherwise how will I know if they will go with the paper we are going to be using? I think I might just print all the photos out in colour on Reflex paper & then see about changing or even doing a colour fiddle to highlight Brent's colour choice after the class is over.

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