Saturday, July 08, 2006

School Holidays

It's the school holidays & it has been cold & miserable. Luckily there has only been a couple of days when the boys have had to be stuck inside all day. Usually we take Scott in to work & then come back home & have some toast. We then do an hour of tidying up & housekeeping & then we have morning tea. after morning tea the boys & I have been able to go out for a walk which has been a good way to get rid of some of that pent up energy. Back home for lunch & a rest time in front of TV. Then time for more chores & another walk before picking up Scott. It is quite a good routine & at the end of the week they get a reward for helping getting the chores done.

This week's reward was going to see Cars, the movie. What a great movie. I was wondering how long James would last when he asked "when's the end?" but the action soon picked up & he was able to sit through the whole movie. I loved the movie too because there was some bits that went flying over my boys heads that I could just laugh at. I wasn't alone in the laughing, there was another 3 mothers who laughed with me. In fact there was hardly anyone at the 9am showing. There must have been about 24 of us all up watching that movie. That's the great thing about having early risers because the next showing was sold out (11:20am), even at 8:30 in the morning.

Next week mum is going to look after the boys for a few days so I'm looking forward to that & hoping to use that time to get some of the homework for CC2006 done.

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Jenny said...

My boys also enjoyed "Cars" - I even bought "Cars" s/bing paper!