Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today you - Day 1 Tuesday 11 July

At CC2006 one of the classes I'm doing is Today You with Ali Edwards. The homework is to record 3 simple observations for each of the nine days.

I thought I would do my boys. Maybe I will do observations for both but only do 1 of the boy's observations for the class & come back home & do the other boy.

11:00 You both decided to play a game of "Find Jim the otter", a game that you devised after hearing the news about Jin the otter being found at Issy Bay on Rangitoto.

11:30 You managed to find the otter but decided he needed fish so you went & threww a skipping rope out you bedroom window & pulled it back in with an imaginary fish on the end of it.

3:00 You got to see grandad much to your surprise because you were expecting nana. Nana arrived about half an hour later to a lot of excited yelling from you both.

I also tried out going fully manual on the camera. I like the lighting & composition of this photo but I am a bit annoyed that it is blurry however as a 2 x2 inch photo it is not too bad.

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