Friday, May 15, 2015

Scrapping Last Week - 30 April - 6 May

This layout is a digital one because there is a long panaroma photo on it.  It was nice getting to make a digital layout and trying to get used to using my new Photoshop Elements 13.  Previously I was using Photoshop Elements 8 and the difference is very noticeable.  So not only have I not used PSE for a few years and I'm rusty but this new version is different too.  I've decided I will have to spend some time creating more digital layouts to get used to PSE again.
I am pleased that I found a tutorial on how to round the photo corners and I figured out how to use some of the elements that were part of My Digital Studio (Stampin' Up!'s software to do digital work) in PSE.  The date label came in a MDS software and had coloured ends so I worked out how to remove the colours and make it transparent.  The chevrons was originally just one chevron & it was coloured.  I was very pleased to work out how to remove the colour, make it transparent & then create a group of 5 of them to form an element that I could then clip my background paper too.

The journalling this week is nearly all Facebook posts.

April 30 at 8:44am · Christchurch 
Yikes it's windy out there. Driving the boys to school this morning and there was a loud bang on the windscreen, apparently it was an acorn hitting it.

April 30 at 9:15am · Christchurch
James Criglington had his first badminton practice yesterday. Apparently it went well & he was told he's not too bad at badminton for a first timer. He's in the junior Christ's College team playing at number 4. He's really happy about it and I think he is enjoying doing a new sport that he has never done before. His first match will be next Wednesday so it will be interesting to hear what he thinks of it after having played a serious match.

April 30 at 9:20am · Christchurch
Brent Criglington is competing in the 48Hours film festival this weekend. He organised the wardrobe yesterday and will be involved in the filming on Saturday.

May 1 at 11am - Christchurch
Pedicure at Astonish Hair & Beauty
May 2 - Christchurch
We are back to having the laundry hanging inside so it can dry out overnight.  It’s starting to get dewy at night now.

May 3 - Christchurch
Scott cooked dinner.

May 4 at 11:38am - Christchurch
I ran 5.91 kilometers with RunKeeper

May 5 - Christchurch
The Kendal Ave shops have a new bakery, Mrs Dentons.

May 5 at 12:20pm - Christchurch
I walked 1.94 kilometers with RunKeeper

May 6 at 10:00am - Christchurch
Usually at 10am I am on my laptop catching up with emails.
May 6 at 11:19am - Christchurch
I ran 3.71 kilometers with RunKeeper

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