Sunday, May 17, 2015

Layout about last week - 7-13 May

This layout is a paper layout using Stampin' Up! retired paper.  The chevrons are some photos I had printed off a couple of weeks ago to use in a layout but they were the wrong size to use, so I just saved them & punched the colourful leaves with the Stampin' Up! chevron punch.

I have decided that the two elements that I want to retain throughout this year's album will be the chevrons down in the right hand corner and the date label in the top right corner.

The journalling is mostly from blog posts this week, except for the 8 May journalling that is an extract from The Press about the decommisioning flights of the Iriquois helicopters that happened.

7 May journalling can be found here

8 May journalling is:

The distinctive sound of the Iroquois helicopter rang out over Christchurch for the last time on Thursday. 
Veterans of Vietnam and other missions where the iconic aircraft operated were invited to take a final flight on three of the choppers at Wigram, the RNZAF's first operational base, before the remaining 14 aircraft in the fleet are decommissioned on July 1.
The choppers were in service for 49 years.
As mentioned above that is courtesy of The Press.
I actually saw those helicopters on Friday 8 May so Thursday wasn't the last time the distinctive noise was heard, but I wanted to document the fact that were gettting decommissioned, because as I grew up I remember hearing those helicopters a lot when they were based at Wigram.

12 May journalling can be found here. 

There is no journalling for the other photo, the one of the TV.  On Saturday 9 May we bought a new tv.  There is a bit of a story to it, now I think about it so maybe I will actually do a layout on this new tv to be the facing page to this page.

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